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Bedding Plants (tray)

SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Ageratum (blue)4.90 GBP
Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) Mixed4.90 GBP
Aster4.90 GBP
Begonia4.90 GBP
Bellis Daisy4.90 GBP
Bizzie Lizzie - Mixed4.90 GBP
Brompton Stock4.90 GBP
Cosmos4.90 GBP
Dahlia4.90 GBP
Dianthus4.90 GBP
French Marigold4.90 GBP
Geranium4.90 GBP
Lobelia - Blue4.90 GBP
Lobelia - Mixed4.90 GBP
Lobelia – Blue Trailing4.90 GBP
Lobelia – Mixed Trailing4.90 GBP
Marigold - African4.90 GBP
Mimulus4.90 GBP
Nemesia4.90 GBP
Nicotiana4.90 GBP
Petunia - Double4.90 GBP
Petunia - Single4.90 GBP
Salvia4.90 GBP
Verbena4.90 GBP


SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Aquiligia1.80 GBP
Arenaria1.80 GBP
Aubretia1.80 GBP
Canterbury Bell1.80 GBP
Delphinium 1.80 GBP
Lupin1.80 GBP


SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Bizzie Lizzie(New Guinea Large)2.50 GBP
Dahlietta2.30 GBP
Double Begonia (Mixed)1.80 GBP
Fushia (Bush)1.80 GBP
Geranium(Double)2.30 GBP
Isotoma1.80 GBP
Marguerite2.30 GBP
Osteospurmum2.30 GBP

Pots of Trailing Plants

SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Bacopa1.80 GBP
Brachyscome1.80 GBP
Fuchsia1.80 GBP
Geraniums2.30 GBP
Helichrysum1.80 GBP
Petunia (Purple) - Double1.80 GBP
Petunia - Single1.80 GBP
Scaviola1.80 GBP
Verbena1.80 GBP

Hanging Baskets (solid Plastic Pot)

SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Fuchsia8.50 GBP
Petunia 8.50 GBP

Hanging Baskets (Wicker 14 inch assorted plants)

SizePrice (GBP)QuantityAmount Payable (GBP)
Each22.50 GBP
Pair40.00 GBP

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