• Surbiton Postal Rifle Club


Come for a Tour

You can visit without joining to see if this is something that you'd like to carry on with. We regularly run tours of the club so you can see the club in action and meet some of us.

When you come to the tour, you will be asked to complete an application form with your details and a Section 21 declaration. After the tour and if you wish to come to an open day this will be checked by the Police before you will be able to shoot.

If you're interested then we'll invite you to one of our open days so you can try the disciplines and choose either the Air or Prone disciplines to train in during your induction.

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Open Day

If you have never shot before or if you have, you can come along and have-a-go at one of our open days. You can visit without joining to see if this is something that you'd like to carry on with. However if you wish to carry on, you must join. This is for insurance purposes.

During the open day you'll get to try out firearms on the prone range as well as the Air range to help decide which one you wish to focus on during your induction.

There are a limited number of spaces at our open days and these need to be be pre-booked. Please contact us for more information and to know when the next one if.

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Every new member who would like to join the club has to go through our induction process. The induction course runs for 5 weeks on a Thursday evening. During this period you'll learn about the safety sides of shooting, the basics of the techniques required. During the induction you will experience shooting in the prone, LSR Gallery and Air Ranges (Pistol and Rifle). This will help you experience all the options and decide which ones you like.

After the Induction course you will become a Probationary Member of the club.

Your probationary period lasts normally around 6 months, dependent on demonstrated regular attendance and subject to committee ratification. This is required for all members, regardless if they are already an FAC holder.

Once ratified by the committee you will become a Full Member of the club. You are then eligible for FAC application with Target Shooting Condition.

For more information please contact the Membership Officer.

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Full Member Pricing

  • Junior Member

    £70.00 /year

  • Younger than 21
    at the start of the calendar year
  • Adult Member


  • 21-64
    at the start of the calendar year
  • Senior

    £120.00 /year

  • Older that 65 Years
    at the start of the calendar year
  • Country

    £61.00 /year

  • May shoot on the Club’s premises no more than six times a year